I have been working on some software for another site-specific performance being developed by the BackBone Youth Arts Ensemble. Paradoxically it is both more complicated and simpler than the This is Kansas City performance I helped out with earlier on in the year. This time around the audience is again going to be armed with mobile phones running an application I have built. However this time it is going to trigger, video and audio. Everybody will experience their own journey (in theory you would have to attend the show five times to see all the content that gets created). Emma Che Martin who is producing the work had done a fantastic workup of all the locations and times that stuff was getting triggered. It had lots of stuff is going on, different media being triggered by time and location. Interaction with live actors. However it was all getting a bit much for my simple little programming brain to handle.

In fact, my inner-engineer started screaming “gantt chart. Gantt CHART! Gaaannnnttttt Chart!” So I put this together as a bit of a map to keep track of what I needed each phone to do and when.

A gantt chart for wheres alice, showing when different media should be triggered

It is broken up by device (five of them), with one track outlining when and where we expect audience members and the kind of performance they will be experiencing at that time and place (video, audio, live performance or some combination). It also has another track below that with black blocks indicating travel time, as the audience member moves from one location to the next. Finally a third track containing a few annotations for when and how the android application needs to trigger audio and video.

Tickets are free, but space is limited. So get in quick and book a ticket for “Where’s Alice” (EDIT: SOLD OUT).


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