This post deviates from the general theme of 3D printing and software curiosities. It is ‘ancient’ history from an old travel blog I was writing while traveling around Australia.

A photo up Nitmiluk (katherine gorge) in NT Australia

Okay, so we aren’t stuck in the top end. We are back in Brisneyland. But the story is left somewhere on the road between Kununurra and Katherine. The drive from Kununurra to Katherine was rather uneventful. By the time we got to the Victoria River it was well below the bridge and they had a road crew mopping up the mud and cleaning down the road surface. But still, seeing the Victoria River in full flood was impressive and has completely changed my perception of Australian rivers as being wide; slow moving brown things, pocketed with billabongs. Alright, so maybe that was a long winded sentence; but damn it. I wanted to say billabong, and now I have said it twice (Hi Janine). Okay, okay so this is not the time or place for in-jokes.

Anyway, the drive between Fitzroy Crossing and Kununurra was more exiting then travelling to Katherine. Our poor TARDIS had three creek crossings on the trip into Kununurra, with one being fairly sporting: fast moving water up over the bottom door seal (only just). I was doing the driving (gasp, shock, horror) and Meech was excelling at freaking out while I navigated our little Mirage safely to the other side. No problems, no water inside the car, just minus one L-plate. Ah-well, I doubt I will be doing any driving in Brisbane any time soon grins.

So anyway, after spending a couple of days stuck in Kununurra, we managed to cross the Victoria River and reach Katherine. We spent a day exploring the area, doing a tour of the gorge and checking out Edith falls. We did a decent hike, saw some aboriginal rock art and swam in a really awesome water hole that was filled with cool water from a giant waterfall (which apparently is only swimmable in the wet). However; for me, it is usually the silly little things that appeal to my simple mind. The highlight of Katherine was not the fancy smancy pant national parks, but rather a piece of graffiti adorning the rail bridge across the Katherine River; it simply reads Jesus Loves Nachos.

From Katherine, we pointed our trusty steed south and headed towards Mataranka


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