This post deviates from the general theme of 3D printing and software curiosities. It is ‘ancient’ history from an old travel blog I was writing while traveling around Australia.

A photo of the moon rising over the Kalgoorlie post and telegraph office.

Man, I have been having weird dreams lately. Hmm, actually that is a bit misleading. That would imply that I have ‘normal’ dreams; I however, don’t seem to have ‘normal’ dreams. It is either the weird arse distorted dream channel or no dream at all. I don’t seem to cover your middle ground common dreams, you know the sort of stuff: flying, going to school in your pyjamas – I have never had those.

No, one of the weirder dreams recently is all the Anti-Clinton’s fault. As it is largely inspired by an episode of the television show Flight of the Conchords, that the Anti-Clinton got for me on DVD (an awesome show by the way, go watch it now. This can wait). Anyways, in this dream David Bowie (1980’s era Bowie) is after me; chasing me. It takes some time, but it finally dawns on me: ‘Huh, why am I running from David Bowie? So he has different coloured eyes? That is not exactly your scariest calibre of monster.’ So I stop,

‘Hey Bowie, why are you chasing me?’

Now this is where the Bowie monster goes up a few notches on the scary scale. He doesn’t speak back, he thinks back, the Bowie monster is packing telepathy – I could be in trouble here. So anyway, he thinks to me:

‘I need to kill you, I need your soul’.

It is at this point I decide that running was in fact the best course of action and I take off again. But the Bowie monster doesn’t yell; he just thinks really loudly back after me

‘STOP! I need your soul for my painting.’

I turn and look back, the Bowie monster is holding a paintbrush in one hand, pointing with the other to a star in Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Before I can get away; the Bowie monster reaches out with his paint brush, dips it into my head as if it were liquid…

Pleasant dreams everyone.


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