This post deviates from the general theme of 3D printing and software curiosities. It is ‘ancient’ history from an old travel blog I was writing while traveling around Australia.

A photo of Meech holding an umbrella at the golden pipeline in Kalgoorlie

I have never been a member of a fraternity; well, not a formal one anyway. Nup, never been in a university college. Nup, never been a member of a male-dominated union. Nup, never been in a band with Bon Scott. Oh wait, I have been in a softball team… But I am not sure that really counts; sure it was a boys’ team, but there were always girls around. And, I certainly haven’t been a member of a ‘secret’ fraternity.

Although, thanks to best selling novels and blockbuster movies, many of these secret societies are not much of a secret. Sure, The Freemasons and queue dramatic music the Illuminati get all the limelight; and Freemasonry appears to be fairly popular in Western Australia. Not only does Kalgoorlie have three Masonic lodges, but within the local museum, sitting amongst the prized gold collection in the public vault downstairs is all manner of different Masonic medals and chains. They all looked very impressive, reflecting all that limelight… But Meech and I found something better – sure, medals and gold set squares are pretty cool, but another fraternity has a completely different idea of the sort of bling that should adorn their fraternity.

So let’s rewind a bit; ghost towns and creepy salt lakes were not our only discoveries when we had a bit of an adventure around the West Australian goldfields. We were tramping around yet another museum; perched on the hill, above the gold mine at Gwalia. A museum; mind you, that bore a closer resemblance to an old junk shop then any museum I had visited before. Among the various antiques and other contraptions that litter the ‘museum’ is a pair of purple buffalo horns and a banner. Yup, buffalo horns. Not just ‘buffalo horns’, but purple buffalo horns! According to the banner, the horns belonged to the Gwalia chapter of the ‘Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes’. How cool a name is that for a fraternity? Not only do they use a completely awesome symbol to represent themselves, but they have the coolest name! Oh man, I can not WAIT till the Nicolas Cage blockbuster premieres detailing a quest for the secret treasure of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes. Either that or perhaps it will be a parody from Broken Lizard?


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