This post deviates from the general theme of 3D printing and software curiosities. It is ‘ancient’ history from an old travel blog I was writing while traveling around Australia.

A photo of a large red tingle tree in South Western Australia.

So Meech and I have had two weeks holidays, before we were due here at Meekatharra. How do you take two weeks off from working your way around the country? Why, with more travel of course! Phoar, I barely know where to start – basically we took the long way round from Kalgoorlie to Meekatharra and experienced such a diverse range of environments to end up in a place that is even more isolated and desolate than Kalgoorlie and its surrounds. We took in everything from small farming towns, to urbanised capital cities, the dry interior to the wet coasts; all varying from pristine national parks to the scared industrialised centres that power the Australian economy. If you wanted to experience a snapshot of Australia and only had a few weeks up your sleave and didn’t mind missing out on the tropics – this is an ideal trip. Admittedly you won’t see all the cliché postcard sights, but sure will see some things that will be pretty hard to forget.

Without a doubt, the thing I will find hardest to forget will be ‘tall timber country’ in the far south west. The whole area from Albany, right round to Busselton is chock full of massive Jarrah and Tingle forests. The Red Tingle trees in some of these forests are over sixty metres tall, and have been standing for over four hundred years, they are simply massive and the tree top walk at Walpole takes you right to the canopy of the forest. While Denmark and Margaret River seem to get all the limelight for the area, I found these places to be a little pretentious (What can I say? I am a Bogan at heart. Hey, don’t knock it. Canberra is a nice place); alright, not completely pretentious – since we did make the pilgrimage to the fried chicken Mecca in Margaret River.

The only downside to our holidays was that despite our best efforts at shore-based whale watching, we failed to catch any glimpses of these ‘squirters’. Many a squeal of ‘there is one’ ended with, ‘oh – nah, it is just another wave.’ Nevertheless, we still managed an action packed holiday: Climbing the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse, Climbing Frenchmans Peak at Cape Le Grand, Climbed the fire tree at Pemberton, seeing ‘the shell’ in Perth (AKA Nicky and Anthony’s new place), crossing the Mundaring Weir wall, and wandering around the mouth of the Murchison River at Kalbarri.


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