This post deviates from the general theme of 3D printing and software curiosities. It is ‘ancient’ history from an old travel blog I was writing while traveling around Australia.

A photo of Bill Hicks pharmacy in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Bill Hicks is not dead. He lives in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. I am just glad he is running a pharmacy, and not serving coffee in a waffle house in Fyffe, Alabama. Alright, so I made that up, well almost…

Some time ago (a month?), Meech and I watched the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow, four acts and an MC. The acts that got the biggest laughs relied heavily on territorial humour, you know the sort of thing – ‘Hello Kalgoorlie, man doesn’t Port Hedland suck?’ Yes I laughed, more at the audience than the joke though… Although the funnyologists appeared to be angling off the whole small town rivalry thing – almost all of the jokes could easily have been squared at Kalgoorlie. One comedian however, took more of a Bill Hicks approach and didn’t bother with the façade of calling Kalgoorlie, Port Hedland.

“What sort of name is Kalgoorlie anyway? I mean, it sounds like a septic testicle or something? Kal-Goolie”

It was great, and he was the best on stage; despite his set crashing in a heap at the end. Me however, I found it hilarious – His set had everything you could want: midgets, a swipe at the establishment, and reverse heckling… Either my sense of humour is completely warped or my mate Harls is right; I will laugh at anything. A theory which he tested one day; by holding a completely serious and stern expression, he stared at me for a brief moment and when spoke, only one word was needed for me to erupt into laughter: Cow. I wasn’t the only one that laughed, though, so it wasn’t exactly the most conclusive test.


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