Spectate was an experimental form of theatre that blended visuals and live performance whilst centering the audience as co-creator. The narrative of the show was set in Michigan and followed Houdini’s final performance in 1926. I wrote ‘switchboard’ software that enabled operators to have SMS conversations with about 100 participants. I used the Twilio API for interactive with the short message service.

Spectate was presented at Metro Arts in Brisbane from the 7th to the 18th of November 2017.

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  • Writer & Director: Nathan Sibthorpe
  • Sound designer: Mike Willmett
  • Production Designer: Sarah Winter
  • Lighting Designer: Christine Felmingham
  • Contraption Designer: John Felmingham
  • Film Producers: Optikal Bloc
  • Dramaturg: Benjamin Knapton
  • Additional Contributions: Sandra Carluccio
  • Live Cast: Toby Martin, Cam Clark, Elise Greig & Brad Haseman
  • Voice actors: Hugh Parker, Anna McGahan, Lucas Stibbard, Veronica Neave & Lauren Jackson.