A photo of guests enjoying Crunch Time, a performative dinnery party. The guests are voting on what ingredients to include in a meal.

Crunch Time was a performative dinner party modelled on the democratic process. A guest chef prepares real food in response to ingredients voted on by a party of twelve. I designed, fabricated and coded 36 RFID based sensors that were hidden underneath a dinning table. As OSC messages were received from the table, custom software tallied the common vote on ingredient choices.

Crunchtime was presented at Next Wave in Melbourne from the 3rd to the 12th of May 2018.

Milling circuit boards for crunchtime sensors.
Milled circuit boards.
36 RFID sensors assembled for crunchtime.
Custom RFID sensor mounted on .

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  • Conceived & Directed by: Nathan Sibthorpe
  • Technical Design by: Christine Felmingham
  • Sound Design by: Mike Willmett
  • Software Design by: Clinton Freeman
  • Visuals by: Sean Dowling
  • Construction & Contraptions by: John Felmingham
  • Performance by: Lauren Jackson
  • Project Collaborators: Cam Clark, Toby Martin, Craig Wilkinson, Jeremy Gordon